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This record is a collection of recordings I made while living in a living room in west hollywood. This album touches on my fascination with "Obsession" The desire to want something you may not NEED. I found that i had obsessions that made me feel intense attraction to certain people and things in my life. People have passions, and as they grow deeper and stronger, you may even find yourself pinning over it. Whether it's strong desire to feel accepted, Your phone, Clothing, a Car, or a beautiful girl or boy, when you feel so strongly... it hurts. You feel like you need it, and you may not be able to live without it. Sometimes you can't have it. It's the same joke every time. Once that obsession runs its course, you'll find the new one.


released February 22, 2019

This record was recorded in my shed in the back (The Tinhouse) between Febuary 2017 - May 2018.

Warner Hiatt - Wrote, Produced, Arranged and Performed all the tracks except for on Chartreuse.
All analog gear recorded into Logic pro 9. (If I couldn’t play it, I couldn’t lay it)
Alex Kasvikis - Lead Guitar on Chartreuse

Mixed By: Riley Gearse (Fostex 16 track Reel 1/2”)
Mastered By: Josh Bonati ( Studer A820 (1/2", 1/4" head blocks)
Album Art & Layout: LOVECULT©
Photograph by: Brad Golding

Instruments Used : Nord electro 3, Moog Mg-1, Fender electric Jazz bass, Teisco Guitar, Ludwig drum set, Oberhiem DX, Casio D, Casiotone, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, SM57s, Rhodes NT-2A, 1971 Guild acoustic, Sledge Synth, Aries 24 track mixing board, Audix D-6.

Special thanks to: Mom, Dad, Brother Parker, Joey Massa, Rivka Rose, Katie Wohlers, LOVECULT©, John Fracchiola, Andrew Deimer, Breakfast Bobby, Gabriel Conolly.
My band Alex Kasvikis, Noah Weinman, Nick Smyrniotis and Big Gurl Richard Novick.
My Sweet Boo Alexis W. Alana CR. and Violet P.
and the love of my life, Alessandra


all rights reserved



Worn-Tin Los Angeles, California

Just a boy

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Track Name: New Slate
Look out there

beacon of light

string along a basket with your hands held high

license plate banjo

carrying stains

commemorative dolls from the Idaho state

a passin train, pray for space

the ground gets thinner so we all lose faith

but I know nothing, well...

I guess thats everything I know

I don't care what you see

there's no light that's here for me

you won't believe what they say

It's like everyone I know

In the pews, we all pray

all the troops who were my friends

touched by freedom, praying for peace

when I've got nothing left

instead it's a commune walking

break it off, and take it off

serve it like kids on molly

It's now everything they know.
Track Name: Chartreuse
Tried to hold the way things are flowing
You've got a silence that keeps things going
Will I find my perfect little summer

Night late regiments
Contain your elegance
Every night turns out as an experiment
Look through your eyes
And sleep through the night till monday

East and west I know the best
She's got nicer lips like nothing I could ever guess
I just think that I'm holding on to something

But I think they will find
A better shot at life

She thinks I don't know
The way things go
with your voice, and a song speeding you know

Pink streets with a pin through my shoulder
I'd eat some cauliflower and snap a silly photo
Can I find a liar in what i'm saying

Coming home confused I don't need to bother
Make your mistakes, ricochet like the rubber
You always try to see things through my perspective

And even that time when I was triggered,
You understood that I just couldn't handle
Inside a pocket, on the jeans that you picked out

But you think I can wait here for you
And you think I haven't figured out my meanings, oh the rules


Look at all the plans that you made now

They can't be your chauffeur any how

Look at all the plans that you made now

They may turn you down into a cloud
Track Name: CYCLES
Stuck in the line
Close to the sign
That brought you full attention

Pushing stares
Why would you care
Focused on attention

Leaving behind
A talk of time
Sounding Like Perfection

You hold what you like
Instant Insight
Of all thats needed now

I'm Looking for a new obsession
The spirits gone
Just working on a new idea
Its next to none

Two sided mic
In the wrong light
you've got bad intentions

Waiting for weeks
struggle with ease
Whats this bad connection

Never you mind
Hold it with pride
Knocking off your shoulder

Now this isn't true
A brick sized bruise
Is from all the things I knew

I'm following a new obsession
I know you're down
I thought I had a self confliction
Then I came around

I love this way too much to
Be forced to know why
It's nothing but a new idea
To hold tonight

And when moments you think
You got yourself in an illusion
Oh sometimes you've got your mind
Twisted in vines... Mr. All Knowing
Why can't you face me when nothing seems to work
And those simple song predictions in my head
You know you're in here

I'm talkin about new ideas
Get out line
I want you to find your placement
Cause I know its time.
Track Name: Alexis
I Can’t Believe

How you could get your body to sleep

A mattress that can handle the weight

I finally had a run in this place

I’m calling just to see

If you could warm my feelings for free

Cause I can’t stop thinking its almost as cheap

As my apologizes

Oh Nothing

stay up all night

I’ve got nothing

Too full inside

I’ve got something

How does it feel to be you

When Theres nothing that I can do

but love you

The way I do

oh the Tension

Its better than before

This place is getting smaller now

I feel that you’re uncomfortable

Wait by the phone

I know you’re feeling lonely

But I can make it only

If she tell me what to do

Love me

Stay up all night

I’ve got nothing

To hold me tight

This is something

How does it feel to be you

I’m burning a hole through your shoes

I’ve got so many things on my mind

Alexis said don’t worry, it’ll all be fine

I have to run out in the hall just to call her

and tell her... I love you
Track Name: Fine
Sometime in your life

You’ll find

A fetish along that way

A feeling that makes you Strange

but i’ll try to survive

If only I can stay

Lifelines, Goodbyes

nice try

The rope will always break

To Give up what you can say

but I'll find a good time

In things that make me Change

I’ve been in the most peculiar place

Wastin Time, Lines, While Drinkin Wine

Know why, you know why, it’s alright

To be who want to be

To get up and speak for free

so you try to survive

Its always alright with me

With Acrobatic, Hat Trick addicts

Hurl the wheel then make it madness

Im not sure the way I’m feeling

now seen some things I’m so excited

Im just in the most peculiar place

got all this, Time, Why, Signs feeling fine

I’m just in the most peculiar place

Nevermind, Im Fine Lies, Time, Chasing Lies
Track Name: My Way
oh cause I’ve got a feeling that

I’m on my way

There's no use in telling if i’m gonna stay

Oh those newspaper headlines that fog this old train

a shake that has messed up my aim

And the magic we once shared will pull us apart

To dream of life where we never had a start

You brought me the pain

When I felt the change

You gave me a locket when I felt the same

You hate when it rains

Do you always feel strange

Cause you said you loved me

Before I knew your name

Now, Its just not like me to do all this fighting

To make me feel small till my would falls a part (X2)

cause I’ve got a feeling that

I’m on my way

There no use in telling if i’m gonna stay

Oh theres nothing in my mind, what else could I of done

To re-build the static of one

oh these waves or these ripples will carry us out

the freeze dried problems that no man has Won

Oh I’ve got this feeling that I’m gonna stay

Oh theres no telling if I’m gonna stay

Cause I’ve got this feeling that I’m gonna change

Theres no use in telling, Theres no, no use in telling

If I’m still the same
Track Name: Forget It
Don’t Tell me that you don’t know

You’re walking up down my road

I’ll tell you what I know you want

Cause this is the part where you're fucking it up

Hold the bottle now you know its on

Let me be like this for one more song

toss the curtain like you know Im gone

Cause this the guy that I want you to know

Now If only

I wasn’t cellaphane

That my Loose teeth

could talk to your mom

Waste of time to dance

You wouldnt understand

Cause I paint a picture that I gotta keep goin

so Never mind

Just forget it

Go back in time we'll just replace it

Cause Ashley told you something that I think you know

so lets call the party cause I’m ready to go

I've got something to prove

And I've got something to lose (x3)

Look at yourself in the mirror

Look at yourself in the mirror

oh you Look at yourself in the mirror?

you Look at yourself in the mirror

you Look at yourself in the mirror

oh you Look at yourself in the mirror!
Track Name: Sundown
I've got a system,

I'm just working on the sight under my clothes

Shut your eyes and just imagine what you'll feel when I get home

She's just laughing at the way I fall into her trap, I know.

I'm just singing with my mouth shut there's so much you couldn't say

and everyday

There's a sign out on her window

It is calling out to remind her of the pain

put the blinds back up to cover it

Once you come outside to dream

and see a difference, a whole new me

then you'll realize you things went wrong

I'm just running from the dog who sheds a stain that never leaves.

hold his collar in the shade

send a letter with a headshot where your face now leaves the page

It's the only thing they'll take

Cause nows the time

To make things stiff for me

But she'll say its ok

There's a house that carries noise on down the street

you've got your friends all there

penny boards and shorts that once were jeans

you'll just leave it all behind.

I'm just loosening your mind
Track Name: Worth It
I still love her cause she's worth it

She runs away cause she knows it

It's just a mystery how we blow it all the time

she's giving up

The all knowing of what's to come

and if she's done.

Driving detours by the ocean

Her hair is my devotion

I blow her kisses in cause she knows it

Cause I love her in the evening,

she is wondrous cause she's walking away.

I've always loved her cause she's perfect

you gotta love the way she works it

I never understand how anyone could walk away from me

But it's ok to roll your eyes at me

only if their your eyes oh

Time wasted on my own

dream about my sweater girl in Glasgow.

I wanna tell you how I feel,

so you can just let me know

So please, won't you speak to me...
Track Name: Stolen
Just as you arrive

You leave yourself behind

and turn away to know

you're fine

till someone wears your skin

like a hound

you jump and fight

to get back what you missed

The things you worship day and night

are tucked inside their hands for free

I know that theres no time

He's got my branded horse with you

and I will try

setting up a different kind of view

cause it's my voice and its so cheap
Track Name: Same Joke
Put on your make up

And give me a taste of

What you have to inspire

You blew it, Retired

Cause every night your plans just end up the same

Hungryman dinner in bed

While you think of all the things that you said

Got a life, she’s hang’n from a thread

Now I hate that I’m still so obsessed

It’s the same joke every time

God Damn, now I should write my own book

I Could tell you how the future could be

your either dying or your here with me

that a lifetime guarantee

What’s that, a Lab rat, a Zodiac,

Engines running off bunnies with their drums attached

Close calls that seem to have no escape

Well someones got to wait in line

the Infatuation of a mirror thats blind

given tasks so you better ask why

oh why, now whats this feeling

buckets full of mysteries with muddled up reasons

alone at home with a box of wheat thins

3 25 for the bus I’m leaving

I had a heart, I say what I see

Its the same joke every time

it’s a product of our own design

But I guess its never mind

I’ve got a ways to go

talk about life just to start the show

Ring along a tractor that can help me sew

Talk about a bitch that that I hardly know

I can wear it out

A chip on my shoulder is what i’m about

left alone damage is the only route

I know


Placement figures

Lapdance triggers

Cue the only kid who I thought had fingers

Frame this picture, here is dinner

Gotta take a break cause I always miss her

try, me, tease me

Love me, please me

I don’t think it could be more easy

While your angry, I’ll watch tv

and Repeat all the things that I know seem empty

It’s the same joke every

Its the same joke every night

I guess its just all in your mind

Serotonin that could fill up your spine

And I bet you that’ll feel nice
Track Name: Crew
You and I

Changed our ways

Finding simple in the Air

Clothes with Circles

Life is hurting me

It's just perfect ok

And when I get so sleepy

I climb inside my teepee

and when I get so stoned

I keep in my home

And when I'm on the run

I do it just for fun

But times like these will never seem to change

You and I

We go back in time

It's just what we've always done

Lookin up

At the sky above

It's just like we own a star

And when I'm all alone

I figure that I'm stoned

and when my tv plays

I find a different way

to melt over my brain

those cymbals sound insane

Just now I've always figured it's the truth


Don't really know what I'm feelin

Comfort holds me like a saddle ride

I'm just lookin out for opinions

fixed the leak inside the dreary sky

Sleepin in a tent where I'm dreamin

took so long just to get it right

Now i'm addicted to this feeling

Heres the time to turn out the lights

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